Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Epic Minion Hunt!!

It's wednesday!!
Disaster day in minions world.
Cz they'll be kidnapped by millions of ppl on Earth.
As I'm one of them too.
Actually I'm nt having the whole collection but...just wanna c hw crazy can pp be for a 3 ringgit toy.
As my plan, I skipped my dinner and went to Mcd and ambush there at 8.30pm.
Been there, still in piece of silence, silence always the worst sign of coming disaster.
Order a Mc-chicken and keep tracking the queue as some ppl does too.
Their bags shows their identity.LOL

this was taken in 8.30pm..still no queue...

Wait and wait...still no ppl queue-ing. Just around 10pm...IN A SUDDEN!!
Everyone rush out and start form a long human dragon!!

Long queue just in 5 mins time..

I was like WOW. There u go~
Then the experienced Mcd worker start closing some outdoor area, and tied with the rope to form a zig-zag line for the queue.
Of cz, they had seen wat happened 3 weeks ago...

Hmm...wasn't too good when u knw u gotta stuck in this crowd for the next 2 hours.

In the half way of waiting, we met the "Happy meal donation association member showing the sign board
"If u just want the toy but not the Happy Meal, please do donate your meals to the kids."

Hmm...Such a nice idea...

I can't realli get a good view of the queue but it almost surround one quater of the restaurant!!

Ahhhh, can c the queue outside?
So lucky I came early.
Early birds always get the minions...Oops

Time flies..and I bet today is the day i study the most among the elective posting!!
Standing there while waiting realli can make ppl study. Hmm...Mayb I shud do more on this..XD

Its 10 mins earlier...mayb the workers also cant wait to sell those toys...
Every1 was cheering happily and the 1st customer went in with the sign of number 1. LOL..That's epic.
If not mistaken there was some reporter interviewing her.
I bet her face will come out in some newspaper tomorrow~

And each of us will get a number!!
I came at 8.30 only can get 165. means around 82. WOW
Ppl realli  crazy!!! There's a small box to choose whether u want to donate ur Happy meal or not.
For me is a NO. Reason? It makes me happy.
JK. It's my supper and b'fast!!

The queue turns and we can see the entrance!!
The manager was soooo buzy and confused why these toys are so popular?? She told us previous week there even a customer purchase 25 sets of happy meal once!
Wondering how the owner settle them.
So now they restricted every person just can purchase 2 sets.
Hmm. Such a sad case yet it secured my mine that i could get  those minions. At least i feeled so~

If u wanna get a toy of despicable me, u gonna be despicable too!
See the long car queue?
Drive thru also can get those minions!!
They skipped the queue and just drive through like a BOSS!!

Finally and finally, I got my 2 minions at around 12.25.
Hmm, it's earlier than my expectations.
Though i can go 1 more round to get 2 extra more yet I think its better to give chance to those who are waiting too ;)
Last but not least.

"Evil Minion noicemaker and Jerry Breakdancing"

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