Friday, July 9, 2010

Back'in Aimst^^

Yesterday, reached...
still the same..everything..
even my old room..haha
ya,i took my old room,n bed too^^
so memorable..
bt the sad part is...all the faces r changed..
here,i duno every1...except lizu toh n felix wei..
nice to mee u 2 here..XD
at least i'm nt tat alone
bt,JS n Gab went back pp yesterday...
lonely daydream till sunday,i guest??
monday the lesson oni starts...
bt, i'm nt even knw which class i enter
sigh...who ask me to join the FIS so last minute
studyin..v the same time w8tin for the degree...'hope i realli cn gt it.. far so good here..=]
F.2.P still empty..
such a Good news for the old F.2.P members.
n even glad when knew tat they r willing to join back^^
wee~~w8tin u all guys here..
celebratin bufday for me tat time,hah...XD
Lastly,repeatin is nt as worst as i think..
yet,hope i cn do well this time~
hope i cn gt the gud news for enterin BDS..HAHA~

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Long time didnt update the blog...bcz of...