Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Poem by Hani~

Sweet Liang My Friend

Love and friendship given freely unasked,
I treasure you for every second you spent with me,
The time you take to make me smile,
How you always save me from heartache.

From my heart to you,
Thank you for 2x2 and rescuing me from 4,
I appreciate the help always,
You are kind, sweet and always remember,
Your smile warms my cold heart.

SMILE forever and I'll smile back,
I'll give you my cats and dogs,
We will be friends forever after.

Love you my new young friend,
You admirer, Hani the weird.  

Sep 23rd, 2013 2.00pm.

So this was the poem that i meant in my facebook. Due to some ethical problem so i think its not appropriate to post publicly. Yet i have to admit, this gift really touched my cold heart and it will stays forever in my life as a health care practician..It will keep me going on!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Blog time~again

Wooo~~ It's been awhile nvr update my blog~
When flash back those old post most of them are my emo and sad feelings..
SO, let's bring some positive energy here!!
Starting my fourth year,
can be said as the word FANTASTIC.
Before starting of year 4, i'm glad I manage to gone through my relationship problem,
All thanks to a girl, who walks into my life in the very moment.
Though there are still bundles of challenges in my future, yet I strongly believe now I'm in the right path.
And will go beyond those challenges and become better and stronger!
So far go through Urban health posting and I would use the word excellent for my self performance.
I never study stats as this hard before. ;)
Next is psychiatry, which I'm going to end this posting next week.
This time I manage to communicate with patients more deep into heart, and manage to gain their trust.
Seriously my understanding skills was even shocked myself..
thanks to my extra-ordinary observation.
When talk to patients not only must open your mouth, but your eyes too as well as your heart.
Yesterday manage to had a heart talk to a depressed patient.
She was so down when her wrong belief was denied by the doctors..
And the scariest things is she had suicidal though because of this!!
I'm so worried bout her because for the past two weeks she was the most lively and happy person in the ward. She's not singing anymore but full with heartbroken tears.
And so thankful she still remember me. And of course i'm so willing to be her listener.
She stated all her sadness, even though i know all her thinking is delusional.
Yet i know she was not affordable to be hurt once more..
So I choose to be silent.
Just. be. a. listener.
and encourages her to face her life positively. by just draw a simple smiley
=) with the quote
"No matter how bad your life is, don't forget your smile, it is the best thing your can had"
Surprisingly she accept it, and wipe her tears, change with a smile on her face.
She's not so down as hours before and she even wrote a poem for me!
With the title
"Sweet Liang My friend"
So sorry for can't recognizing some of her words but,
I admit I nearly tear off when I read it..
After all she ask me to kept her love letter for her denied belover.
And I kept it as a heart gift.
Most grateful thing is after the talk, her suicidal thought was gone!!
Such an impressive findings and I'm so glad I manage to give her an afterglow in her cloudy world..
Be strong Hani! Though there are still infinite challenges and sorrows waiting for you,
yet I hope you can face it with your truely and only weapon-- SMILE! =)
Smile gives people hope, smile gives people warm feeling,
Smile cure sorrows, smile makes a better world..
It's just so easy and wont cost you anything,
So..why don't we give a smile?? =)
Life still goes on no matter what things happened...
Everything happened for reasons..
And best things always come unexpected..
So we just accept the fact and move on..
Who knows what's waiting for you in the future?? ;)

Saturday, September 7, 2013


吹咯吹咯赶快吹咯~~~ XD
结果礼物是DARK WORLD AHHHH!!! 太感动了!!命中红心!!
这次还真谢谢dai lou 们的努力了~感恩感恩!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013