Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Langkawi trip~始动!!

2day,apply a 5 days holz,
for langkawi.
with a damn gud mood.=]
reach penang bout 12p.m.
went to grandma's house.
met my dear granma,still looks young..^^
grandma still granma,like to gif us a lots of food~
hoo~~damn full!><
grandma~my stomach is very small k??
then bout 2p.m,say gudbye to grandma.
went to butterworth^^
Gao Fu's home.
met his dear mum n sis,again.
hope they still recomment me..XD
Have 2 meals in 1 nitz.
thnx to suying n Gao Fu..
Haha,damn full,again.><
I'm deit ok??XD
Will spendin 1 nite in butterworth,
will have a nice dream in Gao Fu's home..
n w8tin for 2molo to come^^

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