Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Poem by Hani~

Sweet Liang My Friend

Love and friendship given freely unasked,
I treasure you for every second you spent with me,
The time you take to make me smile,
How you always save me from heartache.

From my heart to you,
Thank you for 2x2 and rescuing me from 4,
I appreciate the help always,
You are kind, sweet and always remember,
Your smile warms my cold heart.

SMILE forever and I'll smile back,
I'll give you my cats and dogs,
We will be friends forever after.

Love you my new young friend,
You admirer, Hani the weird.  

Sep 23rd, 2013 2.00pm.

So this was the poem that i meant in my facebook. Due to some ethical problem so i think its not appropriate to post publicly. Yet i have to admit, this gift really touched my cold heart and it will stays forever in my life as a health care practician..It will keep me going on!!

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